BridgePoint Virtual Office Features

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional
A Virtual Office account comes with the latest version of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional, which includes Word,Excel,PowerPoint,Access, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher and InfoPath. You can save your documents to the shared network drive which your co-workers can access, or you can save it to your personal documents folder which only you can access.

We take care of any Microsoft patches and updates that are required to ensure that your MS Office environment runs smoothly.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 Outlook Email
Email is the single most important application for a business. Microsoft Exchange provides;the most feature filled Email solution available which includes inboxes, calendars, tasks, and contacts. Having a BP VO account allows you to take the Email solution a step further than you could with a normal Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, or any ordinary POP/SMTP account. This is because your BP VO Email account resides in a full-fledged version of Microsoft Exchange, which allows you to share your inbox, contacts and calendars with your co-workers. You have access to your co-workers calendars and schedules and can even insert appointments for other people that have given you permission to do so.

With BP VO, you get an enterprise-class Email system with all the bells and whistles you've come to expect from a corporate email system.

Windows 7 Desktop Experience
Your interaction with BP VO begins with a login to one of our many servers that will support your environment. Once you log in your BP VO account, you are presented you with a screen that looks, feels and behaves like any Windows 7 Desktop. You have all of the familiar Windows Folders that you have grown to expect on any windows PC such as the documents folder and the desktop; you also have a shared folder where you and your co-workers can store and share documents.

Backups and High Availability
The BP VO Environment is protected using two backup and redundancy methodologies.

The first methodology is a Microsoft Technology called Volume Shadow Copy. This method allows you to restore files without involving a BridgePoint technician. It routinely scans all of your files every three hours, and determines whether  anything has changed. If it finds that a file has changed, it will take a snapshot of that file and make a back-up copy. If you would ever need to restore a file that you accidentally deleted or if you need to go back to a specific version of a file that was copied during the three hour scheduled snapshots- you just right click on the file or folder, select the previous version, and press "restore".

The second methodology is environment redundancy. Your files are stored on two physical servers which are geographically dispersed. Every time you save a file within your BP VO session, a copy of that file is copied and stored on the other remote file server.

Anti-virus and Patch Management
Viruses will always be a fact of life for computing devices. It is a never ending cat and mouse game between malicious virus authors, opportunistic Anti-virus companies and everyone else caught in the middle. As we increase our reliance on PCs, tablets, phones and networks, we also increase the data we store on them, making them even larger targets. BridgePoint VO will take the headaches of Anti-virus management away from your critical business systems. Although nothing is 100% safe from viruses due to their evolving nature, we can ensure that a virus attack will not cripple your operations by implementing as many precautions as possible without sacrificing performance, as well as implementing contingencies for any virus related catastrophe.

Spam Filter
Spam is to Email as flyers and coupon books are to regular postal mail. Spam is a fact of life and, like viruses, controlling it is also a never ending cat and mouse game. BridgePoint VO utilizes Google's Postini Spam Filtering service to prevent spam from ever getting through to your mailboxes. Although spammers will always attempt to get through,but with BP VO and Postini, you can rest assured that there are people dedicated to watching for these types of messages and constantly tweaking spam filters so that you won't have to deal with the endless spam messages.

Unlimited US-Based Help Desk
Your BP VO account gives you access to BridgePoint's US-based help desk to assist you in making sure that your environment works the way its supposed to. The BridgePoint help desk is available from 7:30 a.m. CST to 5:30p.m. CST, and help desk staff members are also available via Email 24/7.

Shared Network Drive Disk Space
Business operations will always require collaboration on data and documents. It's true that there are numerous collaboration tools out there that enable workers to share documents and work efficiently, but the reality is that workers are creatures of habit and will continue to do what they are familiar with. The most common behavioral collaboration habit goes something like this: someone creates a document, then Emails the document to a co-worker for changes or approval, then another Email is sent back, which will set that complete cycle in motion again. This habit, although not ideal, will be very hard to break. And when the cycle of trading documents back and forth is complete, you will need a place in which to store the document for future reference, or to use as a template for the next one. BP VO allows you to work the way you are comfortable working, and provides you with a place in which to store the documents needed to run your business. Each customer account includes a shared network drive that enables all members of your organization to store documents, pictures and all necessary files.

When you sign up for 50GB of data, your disk allocation is determined and shared between your personal files, shared files, email, and your instant volume shadow backups. Your data is stored as efficiently as possible and should you need more, a phone call to our help desk is all that is needed to adjust your plan. 

Internet Domain Name Management
Managing an Internet domain name is something that you need to be concerned about if you want to have a web site or an Email address. Traditionally, you would go to a third party service to purchase a domain name, but then you have to either subscribe to their services for Email and web hosting, or rely on yet another service provider to make sure that the domain name you own is used with the services that they provide. 

With BP VO, BridgePoint can manage your domain name and ensure that you Email and web site are working correctly. When someone sends you an Email, we will ensure it goes to your BP VO Email account. If you have a static web site, BridgePoint can host that web page as part of the service at no extra charge.

When you sign up for a BP VO Account, we will set up a secure virtual environment for you and your co-workers. We would require that you make a change to your domain name registrar service to point your domain to our internal name servers. We can assist you through this process when the time comes to ensure that your transition will be as smooth as possible.

You will be responsible for moving your documents and Email messages from their current location to the BP VO environment. You can browse our "How To" libraries for instructions and videos on how to do these tasks yourself. As always, once you are signed up with the service, our help desk will be available to assist you and to make sure that your transition to Bridgepoint Virtual Office is as smooth as possible.

If you require special assistance with migrating your existing infrastructure to BP VO, please contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to work with you.